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It's International Women's Month

Updated: May 2

Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women business owners out there! This day is so special, as it’s a celebration of all we have accomplished and achieved -- and what better way to commemorate this special milestone than with some practical tips from Lisa, an experienced business owner herself. In this blog post, we'll be showcasing her invaluable insights on how you can find success in your business even through virtual means during these challenging times. With Lisa's guidance and advice at your disposal, you will soon discover just how far technology can help take your venture!

So let's get started - feel empowered knowing that together we are building a strong entrepreneur community for our businesses to thrive in.

Strategies for Boosting Your Business Online During Difficult Times

As women business owners, during difficult it times it can be a struggle to increase our customer base and sales. However, Lisa’s advice for International Women’s Day is right on point: the key to success lies in finding ways to boost our businesses virtually. With the right tools, women can improve their online presence, tap into global markets, create new and innovative networks, and ultimately reach more customers than ever before.

The possibilities are vast - all it takes is dedication and perseverance in order to succeed and make a lasting impact from home.

Tips from Lisa - How to Make the Most of the Current Situation and Reach New Customers

With increasing pressures women face in business, Lisa offers women entrepreneurs a few key tips to make the most of the available opportunities and reach new customers. From using digital media platforms to engage potential clients, to leveraging local networks, Lisa provides women with actionable advice on how to expand their presence. By staying in touch with existing clients and engaging new audiences, women can ensure that their business remains resilient even during times of economic uncertainty.

With virtual success coming from effective communication strategies, women have the opportunity to connect effectively and climb up the ladder in 2023.

Leverage Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand

International Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn to boost your brand and help it reach greater heights. Lisa, a top trainer in the field, provides useful tips to help women business owners take advantage of the opportunities that online platforms can offer. With strategic utilization of these platforms, Lisa recommends targeting potential connections and forming relationships on these pages that can prove highly effective in advancing your business' growth. Leveraging social media for effective networking is an easy way for small businesses to create meaningful connections and expand their network.

Don't wait - use this day to focus on taking your brand to the next level by utilizing LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms!

Network and Connect with Other Women in Business

Celebrating International Women's Day should be an uplifting experience for all women, and one way to do that is networking and connecting with other women in business. There are countless opportunities for networking and growing your community within the professional world. Use this International Women’s Day as a chance to reach out to potential partners, allies, or even just kind encouragers. By networking and connecting with other women in business, you can help each other share ideas, provide mentorship, and celebrate successes both small and large. So reach out to the powerful females around you today!

Together we will strive for optimal success.

Showcase Your Products or Services with a Virtual Event

International Women's Day is the perfect occasion to showcase your products and services with a virtual event. By utilizing virtual and audio events, you can reach out to potential customers and collaborators with ease. With events tailored specifically to your organization, you can create an inviting setting while giving your products or services the attention they deserve. With help from Lisa, female business owners have the tools necessary to create events that have maximum impact and ensure success!

In doing so, you will demonstrate the power of collaborations between women-owned businesses on an international platform.

Celebrating International Women's Day can be a very powerful way to deepen the impact of your business and amplify the message of female leadership in business. Through virtual success, you can tap into expanded markets and become a more successful entrepreneur. Embrace the tips from Lisa to make the most of the current situation and reach new customers. Leverage social media platforms, network with other women in business, and showcase your products or services with online events. Achieving virtual success is within your reach – take advantage of IWD by scheduling a connection chat today!


As a freelance lead generator, Lisa has helped 260+ businesses to create their personal LinkedIn profile strategy. Hands-on with full DIY support along every step of the way. She helps her clients build up their online reputation, increase their engagement AND increase their targeted connections, while also showing them how to better grow not only their connections, but their tribes and master the art of communication in a virtual world. And Lisa does this all with her simple step-by-step, tried, trusted and true "Know-Like-Trust" (a little KLT) system. Which in today's world, is your selling currency.


I understand the nuances of being an entrepreneur. ​I have worked in the networking arena for 30 plus years. BUT, like you I always found it difficult and struggled to grow my team and find individuals that shared my same vision and passion. This is what led me down the path of not only envisioning, but bringing to life my own business, Virtual Success With Lisa.​I understand what it takes to not only create, but BUILD a successful network business. It's not only what my dreams were built from, but my PASSION in life. ​I have worked with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and small business owners sharing my passion and knowledge of the importance of building AND nurturing a Powerful Network.

#iwd @womeninbusiness #linkedinstrategy #linkedinmarketing

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