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Most people who partner with other companies, especially if you're a entrepreneur, coach or consultant,
experience many challenges when it comes to boosting their profile, standing out from the competition and building
that special network that will increase their opportunities for BOTH growth and sales. As well as thriving in an
over-exhausted, fast-paced social referral network.

LinkedIn is a completely different platform then the social media we are used to -- namely FACEBOOK … 
You can’t use LinkedIn to network online in the same way. Not if you want people to take you seriously, and get any
kind of results. Growing your LinkedIn network helps establish you as an expert in your field and extends your reach
and exposure. It's their mission to connect YOU with the world's professionals.

Once you know YOUR GOALS, your strategy will become
crystal clear. And this is where Lisa comes in ...

I understand the nuances of being an entrepreneur.

I have worked in the networking arena for 30 plus years. BUT, like you I always found it difficult and struggled to grow my team and find individuals that shared my same vision and passion. This is what led me down the path of not only envisioning, but bringing to life my own business, Virtual Success With Lisa.

 I understand what it takes to not only create, but BUILD a successful network business. It's not only what my dreams were built from, but my PASSION in life.

I have worked with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and small business owners sharing my passion and knowledge of the importance of building AND nurturing a Powerful Network.

Beach Sea Glass

Finding a competent LinkedIn strategist and social marketer is very similar ...

You want someone that is confident in their skills and able to effectively connect AND communicate with not only you, but the people in your ideal, dream market.

Ready to be on LinkedIn and become more visible and grow your network to gain GROWTH AND SALES?

what they're saying ...

Here at VIRTUAL SUCCESS WITH LISA, we’re passionate about good products, exceptional service and positive team spirit.
We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we will leave no virtual stone unturned in order to find the right solution for you. Read about our selection of social services below, and contact us
 today to learn more.

It all began with a dream, the story behind the brand, of starting something completely new.

Lisa had a great vision, a passion for change, and all the right virtual skills. And then her business was born, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions to a virtual world with something Lisa likes to call
"building a little KLT" (know-like-trust factors).

There are 500+ Million professionals in the online space today  And they're ready to talk business! 
But if your LinkedIn profile isn't looking spiffy, to some it may not be worth "the click" …! Or if you communication skills are a bit rusty,
your messaging will not be boosted, but ghosted. And you won't be heard or visible. So, all that hard work you placed into
your LinkedIn profile will feel like wasted time and money.

But ... that's where Lisa comes in ...!

As a freelance lead generator, Lisa has helped 260+ businesses to create their personal LinkedIn profile strategy. Hands-on with full DIY support along every step of the way.


She helps her clients build up their online reputation, increase their engagement AND increase their targeted connections, while also showing them how to better grow not only their connections, but their tribes and master the art of communication in a virtual world.


And Lisa does this all with her simple step-by-step, tried, trusted and true "Know-Like-Trust" (a little KLT) system. Which in today's world, is your selling currency.

So, if this sounds like you ... a little "KLT" with Virtual Success
is the social solution you've been looking for!

Angila Peters
CEO, Your Business BFF

"I’ve been working with Lisa for only two months and I’m seeing a lot of results. She’s connected me with a lot of great women here that I’m networking with. Well worth it."


Liza Blum
Business Coach / Mentor

"Lisa Marineau has an AMAZING way of helping people achieve their goals! Lisa is such a pleasure to work with, giving you her full attention and great advice. She truly is an enthusiastic, highly motivated person. Great to work alongside with! STRONGLY recommend working with Lisa Marineau!"


Susan Mazza
Coach / Mentor / Trainer

"Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She listened to my goals and devised a plan to execute them. She loves what she is doing and is very efficient."

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